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I posted this on another forum. I hadn't received any responses there (so that first sentence is sarcasm :P), so I appreciate the tips I received here! Thanks very much!


Well, after the amazing responses I received Big Grin, I decided to just throw caution to the wind and be the pelletheads FEPG hot smoked salmon pioneer. Quite a few of the packages Dad brought over had broken seals so they need to be used right away, which means I have a lot of salmon to smoke, which means I didn't feel too badly about experimenting on this batch. I still have this much more salmon to experiment on:

Broken Seals by seahills, on Flickr

I found a brine recipe on the Cookshack forum and used that. I brined them for 16 hours and then rinsed and patted them dry. I laid them on my fancy new Cabela's Jerky Racks, with the thinnest pieces on one rack, the medium pieces on another, and the thickest on the third. I figure the thickest pieces will go on top since that will be the hottest area.

On the rack. by seahills, on Flickr

I got a table fan and set it to blowing on the fish. and set them on the counter with a fan blowing on them. Two hours later, the pellicle is formed.

Pellicle is formed. by seahills, on Flickr

I turned the PG500 onto LHT = 10 HHT = 20 and set temp of 190. I put a probe in one piece on the bottom and one on the top, and stuck the whole setup in Zone 4.

120825 005 by seahills, on Flickr

I plan to pull them at 145 IT. We'll see how it goes.


So this worked pretty well, amazingly enough. Set temp of 190 held a steady temp of 175-180 the entire time, with no flame-outs. It took 2 hours for the top rack to be done and 3 hours for the next two. I think I pulled the top rack too early, though... live and learn.

120825 006 by seahills, on Flickr

I made a dip out of a couple pieces w/ low fat cream cheese, sour cream, and green onions and it was pretty darn good.

I think next time I will brine longer & rinse better, but otherwise keep things the same.
thanks for posting.

Yeah, all forums have times when people don't respond. But we have a group here that hate to see "zero" response posts.

Looks great, good tutorial and appreciate the photos.

FYI, here were put PIC in the title (I added it for you no that you came back with the details) for any photo posts (gets more views) and I moved this to the seafood, since it wasn't an FE specific post as it would work well for anyone.

Thanks again.

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