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Turkey breasts, that is. What were you expecting? Smiler

I found a bag in the freezer with double wrapped turkey thighs, and wings, probably left from my last holiday turkey cook for which I just used the breast.

I seasoned the turkey with my rub just before putting on the grill and smoked indirect for 2 1/2 hours at 250°. There was a +/- 10° swing with the lht at 10 and hht at 50. (I'll try 15,35 next time as I get to learn this new pit.)

And then moved the pieces on to the charbroiler of my PG500 without raising the temperature of the controller for a gentle crisping. A half hour and two turns of the pieces later, I removed the turkey.

I made some sliced white yams seasoned with the same rub, fresh lemon juice and onions, and steamed in the microwave as I wanted the potatoes very soft. The slices of turkey thigh were accompanied with the usual vegetables for the final plating.


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Originally posted by Vicki B:
That's what I would like to know as well. I asked you about, what I was assuming your macro set up in a previous postings of yours, but didn't hear back. Your photos are artfully arranged and look professional, like a food stylists' you would see in a magazine. Vicki

Thank you Vicki. Actually, I did reply back, answering all your questions and more soon after you posted your request.

Originally posted by SmokinOkie:

With all the photo, now you have to describe how you took them. Lighting set-up? Camera? Lens... etc. etc.

Others may be thinking but I'll ask.

So... ???

I use a Panasonic FZ 35 bridge camera, smaller than slr, larger than compact with all the functionality of slr.

Tripod mount, A priority, f.8, 2 second delay, and very, very careful plating and composition in the view finder. I also use a small 16" square light box with 2 small goose neck lamps (one on each side), color corrected daylight bulbs and overhead kitchen light.

The main ingredient in my photos is the use of colors in the food I cook and the arrangement on the plate.

I cook for my wife and treat every meal as if we were dining in a fine restaurant, which I once had.

None of my photos are altered in Photoshop and are taken just moments before I serve the food.

Back in the day, we had a crew from Better Homes & Garden come out for a few days to do a story, as I was a chef and used my own fruits, vegetables and eggs in the restaurant.

They brought food stylist, photographers et al and I saw the gimmicks used to created food and photos.

Be assured that there is no aluminum foil bunched under my crusts or tooth picks holding things together.

At worst, my wife says that I am too symmetrical.

So, in essence, if your food looks good, it will photograph as well.

Thanks Shelly - I am sorry I missed the 1st one. Want an honor to have BH&G come to your house. Thanks for sharing the details? Like I said, amazing photos. Do you put any of them out on the web, you could make money, I know there are sites out there where people will pay for beautiful pictures of food like that for many uses...

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