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Following Tim's successful steak cook, I am also finding magic in my PG500.

I've been working on a new Asian marinade for ribs and need just one more adjustment before I am truly happy. But Alice, who rarely if ever eats pork, ate a sample and wanted another on her dinner plate. She thought that they were ready. Silly girl, one more cook and then they're ready.

I set the PG500 to 250°, lht 20, hht 50 but the temperature swings were too much (at times, +/-12°). I tried 10,50 and 15,50 and 10,40---whoa, I was driving myself crazy. I settled in at 20,40 and had the temps in the 240° to high 250° range.

I felt it really didn't make much difference as the smoke and cook at 240°-260° would be quite similar, just the times of the cook a changin'.

I marinated the spare ribs for 2 days in a gallon zip lock bag, having St. Louis cut them, and then divided the rack in two so it would fit in one bag. Also added the top pieces.

Zone 4 on a Frogmat. Also cooked a fattie at the same time, removing the fattie at hour 2 1/2.

I have never nor will never foil my ribs. The cook took 4 hours. The ribs were so very tender, gentle pull-off- the-bone tender, great light smokey flavor. You hardly needed teeth to chew them up. Sorry to not share the marinade recipe but it's a proprietary work in progress.

It's the technique and grill settings that are most important.

I marinated some tofu for Alice in the left over rib marinade for a couple of hours, dried the pieces and coated both sides with my standard rub. On to the grill in Zone 4 with the ribs for 30 minutes at the rib cook 3 1/2 hour mark.

Once I removed the ribs, I transferred the tofu to Zone 1 charbroiler to get some marks (always makes the presentation A+). Took about 10 minutes total for both sides.

I served our dinners with some cole slaw that I made today, vegetables, of course, and some plapplesauce, my staple.


Alice's dinner.

My dinner

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To reduce temp swings reduce the HHT setting.

By changing the LHT you just change the pilot light to a higher level... I've had better luck leaving it at about 10 and then reducing the HHT to help reduce swings on the up side. Occasionally I'll up the LHT, but usually just 10.



PS - Loving the pics! Fantastic job Shelly!
Great Pics Shell. Only change is when you post photos put "PICS" in the title so we'll know to look (something we do in the forum)

Great job with the photos. I can take a heck of a photo, but still working on my food shots.

Looks really good.

For me, I don't chase temps. It will drive you crazy. Actually I've never adjusted my LHT or HHT (to lazy I guess) I just let it go. Old school BBQ guy, I just watch them and they're "done when they're done"

Say your sig, looks like you're selling everything.

Glad you're likin' the PG
Thanks for the feedback.

And Smokin, thanks for the tip. I edited my titles of my other threads to reflect the Pics in them.

You are absolutely corect about chasing temps. I remember when I first got my big green egg, it drove me crazy as well so I stopped.

But I would like to figure out the PG500 to have some better control over it. After all, I am at the top of the food chain at my place.

The PG500 definitely replaces my need for the other grills now.

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