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Well, here was my first try at salmon jerky. Looked at a lot of recipes on the Internet, almost all said to keep the temps down low so you wouldn't cook the fish. For my first try, took a 1.24lb filet and cut it into about 1/4in slices. Some ended up being a little thinner. Put in a vacuum container and coated with Butcher's Honey BBQ Rub. Attached to the foodsaver and hit the marinate button. Let it sit for maybe an hour or so. Then onto the frogmats.

Sprinkled half the salmon with some Oakridge Habanero Death Dust.

Into the 020 smoker at 150 with a couple chunks of orange wood and after about six hours I bumped the temp up to 160. After a total of nine hours, they were finally done. Of course I had to try a couple samples along the way.

Turned out OK for a first try, but the thicker pieces didn't dry out quite enough. The thinner ones were much better.

Think next time I'll cut the pieces thinner, flavor was real good, and half of them were REAL spicy! Gotta love the Death Dust.
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Originally posted by Vicki B:
I have got to try this soon. Did you slice this by hand or With a slice when frozen? Scratch that, I bet it would fall apart if a slicer was used even if frozen.

Nope, no slicer. Thinking about getting one. But this was by hand, that's why some slices were thinner than others. Don't know what a slicer would do to it.

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