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I wanted to try something different again today for Sunday dinner. So, I went to Sam's and found some skirt steak on sale. Hmmm, what to do now? Well, I decided to try Pags' recipe for Santa Maria Smoked/Grilled Tri Tip. Yeah, I know, skirt is a lot different than tri tip, but I figured, what the heck.

I pretty much followed Pags' recipe with a few minor adjustments. For the mop, I did not have red wine vinegar, so I used some Two Buck Chuck red that I picked in St. Louis at Trader Joe's a few months ago. Also, I used virgin olive oil with some garlic powder because I did not have any grape seed oil infused with garlic. The mop was still pretty good with these modifications. I placed in the AQ, added about 2 ounces of hickory, set at 200, and kept the skirts in until the internal temperature reached 125. I let the skirts rest for about 15 minutes until my gas grill reached 500. Then, threw them on, mopped, and grilled until I got a bit of a crust.

So now what? I knew these would be a little chewy, and of course the skirts are pretty thin. So, how about soft beef tacos!

The flavor was very nice, with a delicate hickory taste. What would I do different next time? Maybe take the internal temperature in the smoker up to about 135 just to try to get the meat a little more tender. But, overall not bad for another quick Sunday dinner meal. And, I vacuum sealed the remainder, so some easy soft beef tacos after a long day of working are in our future.
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
Mmmmm.... Looks tasty! Haven't thought of making skirt steak in the cookshack. Have a Mexican market near the house, may have to try that next weekend.

I think the key is to just smoke long enough to get a light smoke flavor. Then finish on a hot grill with whatever mop you want to whip up. And, then like MaxQue said, slice thin.
Originally posted by Pags:
That looks mighty good. Red wine sounds like a good addition to the mop.

I think with flank steak and tri tip the more you cook it the tougher it gets. I wouldn't take it past medium. Medium rare even better.

Good point, Pags. I guess I cooked it just about right, then. Next time I might try marinating overnight in the mop or something similar, which I think might also help with tenderness. By the way, I can see a lot of uses for that Santa Maria rub. Good stuff!

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