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I decided to smoke some Cornish Game Hens for dinner and figured I'd spatchcock the hens to get them to cook more evenly. I placed the split hens on a pan with holes to allow the hens to get smoke on the bottom. Here is a picture of the hens rubbed and sprinkled with Montreal Chicken Rub. Don't really know why I didn't place them directly on the smoker grates, but I didn't.

I preheated the smoker to 235*, placed 2 oz apple wood and 1 oz of pecan into the wood box and placed the hens into the smoker once it started smoking. When the hens reached an internal of 130*, I basted them every 12* with the following Orange/Grand Marnier basting sauce (thanks redoakNC):

Orange Basting Sauce

1.Two cups freshly squeezed orange juice.
2.One cup Honey
3.½ cup Gran Marnier Liquor
4.½ cup Provence seasoning
5.2 Tablespoons of the rub used on the Chickens
6.1 Teaspoon fresh orange rind
7.1 Tablespoon Onion Powder
Bring sauce to a simmer and let simmer for 10 minutes.

When the hens reached an internal of 166*, I removed them from the smoker, rebasted and added some more rub. Here they are waiting to go into the oven to crisp the skin. They look pretty good right out of the smoker.

Preheat the oven to 400* and place the hens into the oven for roughly 7 minutes. Watch them closely. Here are the hens after their oven visit.

They tasted as good as they look. Nice smoke flavor. Very moist, surprising since they weren't brined. The basting must have helped keep them moist. Slight orange flavor with a little spice from the rub. Mrs. Pags and I enjoyed these very much.

I figured the 3 smoker bastings added roughly 30 minutes to the cook time. All in all 2.5 hrs.

Sorry the pictures are so small. I'm still learning this ImageShack thing. If you click on each picture, you'll get a larger image. Smiler
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Thanks for the great step by step Pags! I've done Cornish Hens beer can style (used some small V8 cans) but these look much better. I think I'll save this recipe and technique. And I just happen to have a 1/2 bottle of Grand Marnier.

I did smoke 2 spatchcocked chickens over the weekend while the pork butt was cooking. Leg quarters for lunch's and shredded breast meat for enchilada's!
I love doing cornish hens, although after they're done I throw em on the grill for a few minutes on each side rather than the oven.

Not sure how similar Imageshack is to Photobucket, (that's what i use) but I resize my pics to 640x480 then there is usually a direct link that you can click on and paste right into the posting.
In Photobucket the direct link is what you'd paste into the Image URL, they have an IMG code link. You click on it, it copies it for you, then just paste right in the middle of the post. It's the same as the direct link, but already has the [IMG] tags around it. Again, this is in Photobucket, not sure how similar Imageshack is.

Only thing to remember with any of the photo hosting sites, if you delete a picture there or you close the account, all the pics that you are referencing here will disappear from your old posts.

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