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I bought a 2¼lbs boneless pork rib roast the other day (was on special, I was wondering if in the SM008...that thing gets obsessive Big Grin)

Any ideas or suggestions in smoking ??

I was thinking a citrus/sweet rub with lemon/lime/orange zest and some allspice/cinnamon/nutmeg/brown sugar sort of rub, smoked over sugar maple oe apple wood ?

internal of 150f ? thin sliced with a sauce made of the citrus juices ?

(side question, does the " # " I see sometimes stands for lbs ?)
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The roast is pretty little, and pretty lean. Best suggestion is to brine it prior to smoking. And do it not too low, and not too slow, and take it out at the rarest you feel comfortable, foil it and let it sit. There's no connective tissue to break down and it can get dry very easily.

Your rub will stay on better if you make it into a paste with a conductive fat (canola oil is ok), and then your reduction of the rub ingredients is a fine idea. An apple juice, honey, and then spices reduction works well finished with butter (and a bit of booze)...not sure about the citrus notes, they can get bitter when concentrated.

I lean more toward the savories with the pork roasts...French Thyme mostly...and then finish with the appley sauce.

Just my thoughts...hope they help.
Typically, you would just grill it,or roast at 335º-350º.

As suggesteded above,brining is a good bet.

Smokin' Okie had a fine oriental style marinade in the archives,if you prefer.

If I don't have time to brine,I shoot it up.

Also,run your cooker as hot as it will go.

Any of the seasonings and wood sound fine.

I'd pull it off at 140º-145º and let it rest .

It will rise another 5º-7º.

Hope this helps a little.

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