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Hello there....just got my SM008 have done my seasoning and am ready to try a Pork Butt as from what I read that will help season it more. I have 2 butts that weigh about 6lbs each. What do you recommend as far as amount of wood and temp. I got a digital thermometer so I can gauge the internal temp.
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Congrats BBQ Gal on your new smoker!!!

I would use about 3-4 ounces of wood, set the temps to 225 degrees, place the probe in one of the butts, (the bigger one) and let-er rip...

Don't forget your drip pan and foil the inside and keep the door shut...once the internal meat temps hit 190 degrees or so, take them out and double wrap them in heavy foil, then wrap them in heavy bath towels. You can even plce them in a preheated cooler, and close the lid. they should keep for several hours if you can hold off that long.

The easiest way to heat up a cooler, is hot water from the bathtub.....huh, just make sure you pour it out before placing the butts in.

good luck.....dan
Originally posted by Brown274:
I have never seen one of my butts hit 190. I use a thermoworks pen and the butts always read from 175-180. Pulls great and very juicy. I once cooked it to 185 and it was quite dryer than normal.

I trust thermopens, I have 3, but I've never had a butt pull below 190. Mine always are 195 minimum. 180 to 190 to me is more sliceable range than pulling range.

Key is always do what works for you, regardless.
I 'usually' take a pork butt for pulling to 198, or at least that's what I target. I 'have' taken them (larger usually) to 205 and the meat is amazingly 'velvety.' Honestly different and good...and still pulls after being refrigerated. Just a thought. (And, ok, the times it's gone higher is usually because I forgot to get home in time to pull it out, but that's something I usually don't admit to!)
I pull mine at 185-190 and let them sit in an insulated cooler (wrapped in tinfoil and several towels)until we are ready to eat them.

This time varies quite a bit. They cook at least 10 degrees more in the cooler .

I have always been able to pull them with a fork while my guests watch the process- awarding some of my guests with bits of the brown/white and bark chunks. This is fun, especially if you let your guests do a little "pulling".
I'm no expert,but I do cook with several.

I'd run my traditional Cookshack at a correct 235*.

Smokin' is an award winning one,and he keeps it simple.

Pick a good thick place to put your probe.

If you want slices,pull out at 185* internal.

If you want to pull it,take to 195* internal,foil with some apple juice for 2-3 hours in a dry cooler.

This may not get you in the money,but you'll be where the pros start.

Don't try to complicate shoulders/butts.

Just my $0.02
Good advice, Tom.

Brown, if your butts won't get to 190* or higher, you must have a problem with your smoker, or you are not leaving them cook long enough. Also a chance you have a faulty thermopen or you are opening the door the check the temp. You should be using a thermometer probe down the smokehole.

My opinion.


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