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Sorry I did not have more time to chat Sat. morning, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong. In spite of that we managed a 1st in chicken and 1st in brisket and got reserve grand. Tom said you wanted to do some competition. Well if so I'd like to invite you to come cook with us a time or two, it will shorten the learning curve. When I started out I thought I was pretty good, but then I realized that competition was a whole new ball game.
Drop me an email with your phone number and we can talk.Bill
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no problem man!!!!!!!
you and bill and the dixie chicks made peg and me feel so welcome!!!! sure is a big difference from the acf and the chef mentality!!!! and by the way you just confirmed that even though our rig will have an fec100 i am still going to take my trusty brinkman as a security blanket.
again thanks for making me and peggy feel so welcome!!!!!!
ps will drop you an email !!!
pps congrats on kicking butts!!!!! Big Grin

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