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Something you might like to try.
Pulled ham. This was an experiment for me and I was not sure about the outcome. Regular Cooks precooked ham. Nothing else added. Into CS SM 025 set at 265. 3.5 oz. hickory. It was smoking pretty good so after 2 hours reduced the temp to 225. Cooked 12 hours and pulled at 185 internal temp. The ham basically fell off the bone. Nice smoky flavor and not dry at all. I removed the fat cap and put it under the broiler for about 5 minutes or so until it was crispy. Pulled with forks. Cut up the fat cap and added it to the pulled ham. Delish. Will definitely do again. I got the idea from America's Test Kitchen when they used a non-cooked non-smoked fresh ham.


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Great stuff, Ranger! I've done similar using Alton Brown's recipe, as modified by AndyJ, with great results (available on the forum). I finish on the grill to crisp up the outside and make sure the interior is up to temp. What a revelation - smoked smoked ham is much better than smoked ham! Easter is coming!

If the ham is not too done, the SO likes to make split pea soup (stew really) using the bones, also great.
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