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I have the small cookshack smoker and haven't used it in awhile ( I had surgery that prevented me from lifting or moving heavy objects). I'm ready to go today!

I am lookin to do some some pulled pork. I purchased a small piece of meat (about 41/2 lbs.). How long and at what temperature would you recommend?

Best Regards & Smoking To All!
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There has been tons of discussion on this subject.. I'd suggest you go to the top of the page.. click on "FIND" and put in "pulled pork". You'll find lots of great info.. The FIND may be the most under utilized feature of this forum (???). As an alternative.. go to the home page of Cookshack and click on "Cooking" and then on "Smokin Okies Guides".. he is the resident expert and has put in a ton of work providing these most excellent guides.

My process is simple.. I apply French's Yellow Mustard to the outside and then rub in my favorite rub (The mustard does not linger and cause the meat to taste like mustard later.. I don't know why, but it does a great job of holding the rub on the meat)

Prep the smoker by foiling and add 3-4 oz of your favorite wood.. I use apple and hickory or simply oak (MY favorite).. insert the probe of the digital thermometer, put on the middle shelf and set the smoker to 250º and let 'er rip. In my smoker, a small butt like this takes about 6-8 hours, depending on the amount of fat or whatever it is that causes time variations.

I happen to let it cook to 195º, pull it out and wrap in foil and put in a small picnic cooler with a bunch of old towels for about an hour or two.. depending on when dinner time is.. then pull it out and pull it, mixing on a tad more of CS's rib rub.

It's such a forgiving product.. you have a lot of leeway, one of the reasons it is so highly recommended as a first cook.

BTW, if you don't want to pull it.. you can cook to a lower temp (say, 180) and slice it.

BTW2.. if you have a bone-in piece.. keep the probe away from the bone. Smiler

BTW3.. WELCOME to the forum
Did you buy a pork shoulder roast?
I usually cook mine at 225 degrees and shoot for an internal temperature of 195 to 205 degrees. You can figure on about 2 hours per pound,but start early as you want to make sure it fully cooks. The pork will plateau at about 165 degrees for a couple of hours,sometimes more. If you finish early, double wrap in foil and a towel and keep in an ice chest until ready to pull. Good Luck!!!!
Thanks for your help!

I will try your French Mustard suggestion the next time as I had already put the meat in the smoker.

I set my smoker to 225f and will use your suggestion of 2hrs/lb. I think after looking at your e-mail, I will kick my smoker up to 250F

Thanks for your help!!

Have A Great 4th of July!!!

Best regards,
Corprebrkr (Howard A)
This is my first time out of the gate too. I just bought a Cookshack Smokette II from an estate sell, I sure it's an older model 008/009. We were lucky enough that it still had the operator manual and a small cookshack cookbook. Before I have always used a charcoal grill that has a separate firebox for smoking. I decided to just jump right in with both feet since we are going have our July 4th get together on Saturday but I have today off. So I bought a whole boston butt.It had already been cut into two roast though. The total weight was a little over 12 lbs. I marinated them in a rub that I made overnight and I put them in the smokette today around noon at 225 degrees with 6 oz of hickory wood. The cookshack recipe says for one 5 lb butt cook at 225 for 6 hours with 4 oz of hickory. Now since I have been online though I think I need to the way I'm doing things. So here's my questions.

1) For two butts approx 6 lbs each, at what temp and for how long should I cook? Is there a rule of thumb on this stuff?

2)With my old smoker, I had to constantly add more wood, it just seems so wild that you use so little wood with the smokette. How do you know how much wood to use? I used that too much? Should I take some of the wood out?

3)When you have 2 big pcs. of meat like this, do you add more time for it being two separate pcs.?

Sorry to be so long on this, I just want it to turn out good and I realize now that I may have biten off more than I can chew as this is so toldly different than what I used to. I Appreciate your time and I thank you for any advise you have to offer
You basically guess by the weight of the larger butt,as to time.

At 225*,if you don't open the door,figure on at least 90 min/lb-up to 120 mins/lb.

Wood is fine.

Ignore the times and temps in the cookbook,and read it for flavors,etc.

If you don't have a remote therm,you will have to open the door about the 90 min/lb mark and check the butts.

Hope this helps a little.

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