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I'm just finishing smoking a bone in butt.. too late for dinner Frowner However, the question is.. If I decide to pull the butt and vac pack it.. what happens if I use some of Smokin's vinegar based recipe before packaging. Will the acid in the vinegar turn the meat into mush if I store some of the vac packs for a month or ??

Thanks, Bill
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Bill, THAT question may get you a thousand responses! Certainly everybody's different. I butter the bun (some even mayonnaise it!) or white bread. The point being you want to taste the meat and fixins and not the bread. A hearty wheat bread, for instance, would fight with the flavor.

Others are going to sauce it with vinegar sauce. Personally, I 'frizzle-fry' the pork a touch, and then swirl in a little bit of barbecue sauce and serve it with Bread n Butter pickles.

Man, now you've done it...I gotta go make a sandwich, right now!!
Originally posted by GLH:
I would pull the pork, vac-pack it, and freeze as is. Save some in the fridge for eating the next 2-3 days. Use the vinegar sauce after you reheat it.


I put the PP in food saver bags, and put in boiling water for 10 minutes. Tastes as good as the day it came out of the smoker.
Originally posted by Smokenque:
I've never made a pulled pork sammich. Does anything go on a traditional sammich other than the pork on a nice big roll? )

In addition to the above suggestions, try it Eastern North Carolina style. Cheap, soft white hamburger buns, a generous portion of pulled pork, a squirt or two of Smokin Okies Vinegar Mop for Pulled Pork (Eastern Carolina Sauce) from PB 101 (or similar), and then a heaping tablespoon of coleslaw. Yes, to the uninitiated, it sounds strange. Just try it. For slaw authenticity, the closest you can widely find commercially is KFC (IMO). Should be sweet, and more runny than creamy (again, IMO). Oh boy, good eats.

On reheating from frozen vacuum sealed packages, I've had better luck with the microwave than boiling. Not sure if I did something wrong, but I had a 2 lb package burst open and ended up with half of it lost into the boiling water. Not a happy occasion.

Enjoy ...
My favorite pulled pork sammich has a slice of Am. cheese and mayo on it. Sometimes I'll make up some sauce or use Sweet Baby Rays instead of the mayo. I only use it as a condiment though.

Like GLH, I like hotdog or hoagie buns along with flour tortilas.

I got this idea for freezing from someone on here and it works for me. In small bowls or plastic cups, freeze what you consider the right amount for the package of pork you will be vac packing. Put meat in bag, and put bag in freezer without sealing. Once meat is partially frozen pop the frozen disc of viniger sauce out of the cup and put in bag of meat. Seal the bag and wahlaa!

Hope that makes since to ya. It was easier to think than it was for me to proof read. lol

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