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A couple of choices would be your CS,or just the kitchen oven.

You could foil each one with however much weak beef broth it would hold and warm them at 250º to about 160º internal.

Pull each one as you need it and slice right then.

If you thought you would be rushed,you could always slice cold,pack tightly into an aluminum 1/2 pan.

Add about 1/2 inch weak broth,seal tightly with heavy plastic wrap and then foil.

Heat as above.

Hope this helps a little.
Tom, I see you referred to "Heavy Plastic Wrap". From reading other post it looks like if you use the not so heavy plastic wrap it can melt. Is there a special rating or thickness to look for when buying it or does it just say heavy? I just picked up some heavy duty aluminum foil and like to better than the standard foil and it's 18" wide.
Some of it is labeled HD.

The larger rolls ,from the box stores,etc all seem to be HD.

The manufacturers rate them around 270º,bare.

Inside foil ,they work well at higher temps.

My suggestion would be try something wrapped in the plastic,place in disposable pan and foil tightly.

Run your oven about 300º for a couple hrs.

This test should answer some questions.

Hope this helps a little.

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