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I am wondering if I can smoke 25 pounds a day of meats on a SM008 or SM009. I am thinking of opening an extremely small B-B-Q / Dehli and want to serve around 75 portions a day. According to the way I read the info on the SM009 it says the full capacity is 25lbs to 30lbs which would give me at 1/4 a lb to 1/3 a lb portions the 75 portions I need. Ok guys start laughing I am the REAL NEW kid on the block.... thanks for the support
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Sam -- If you are wanting to serve 75 per day at 1/4 lb (4 oz) I would suggest moving up to at least a CS model 50/55.

Do the math: 75 servings at 4 oz each = 300 oz (raw, uncooked)

Figure conservatively loosing 50% weight in the cooking process, bone & fat. This means you need 600 oz (or roughly 38 lbs) raw meat.

Hopefully some of the pros will chime in here, but if you are serious about this venture I would consider something bigger

Just my $0.02 worth...

Good luck!
Thanks Mark, Wheelz & BigDMK! So,, not only may I need a larger smoker,,,,,what ever amount of meat I am looking to smoke should be adjusted by approximately 50% due to the loss to the total volume during the smoking process. This will definetely also dictate a difference in overall product pricing. Great help Guys!!! Thanks,,, well I do have time to make adjustments as it is all in the idea concept but I think this could still be a good fun project.
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Shanghai Sam

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