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When new FE 100 arrives and gets set up I will be looking for info on baby backs and pork butts as I have them in frezzer ready to go.
figure ribs at 200 for 6 hours and have no idea on a 9lb pork butt. say 14 hours at 200 or so. any suggestions?
I will be changing from CS cookette to the pellet burner. What changes can I be looking at?
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Also, you said "FE100" are you talking the FEC100 smoker or the FEPC1000 grill? You posted in the grill section but the number you listed is the smoker. BIG difference in methods, but same effect.


How much of a background do you have in Q? Are you a rookie, needing lots of help or just how to adapt to the new grill/smoker?

Let me know it will help us give you the right help.

Oh, and I wouldn't call them recipes. Recipes to me are for bread and cakes; xx hours at xx temps. BBQ may start with that, but the end is determined by other things, not a set time or an exact temp. That's why BBQ is more art than science.

But don't worry, we'll get you there.

Let me know your background, I'll point you to some stuff.
Hey Papa!,

I would think that learning on the new pellet grill will be just like when you got your smokette. A little practice and good notes, heck you already know the hard part, that's how to tell doneness.Have FUN!

FYI, when you make a post, there will be a file folder with a eraser in the bottom right corner. Click on this and you can edit your thread, if needed.
Thought it might be a FEPC.

For recipes, smoking methods, the basics posts in any section will work for you if you're just smoking. Follow the prep instructions and then set your grill for what you want to do.

There are a lot of ways to cook with the FEPC key being do you want to grill or smoke?

For smoke, the forum has major categories and go to them for general smoking ino.

For grill, well that's a different story. That's why we have this forum to help generate info for those with the new FEPC.

Love to grill on mine.

KEY thing. Clean out the ash pot frequently. If you're cooking over 300 and depending on your pellet brand, you'll generate ash and you don't want that settling in the firepot. Clean it out so that it doesn't stay there and cover up the ignitor.

On the FEPC the right side (the indirect) cooks from the top down, so keep that in mind for long cooks.

Lots to learn and you'll have fun.

Put a PB in there and smoke it at 225 for 6 hours then bump the temp up to 250/275 to finish, pull around 195 - 200 internal temp. Great and easy start.

If you have specific grilling questions, post them here with a new topic title for each one. Separate posts help get more detailed answers.

Oh, you can edit your own posts (for typos). Just click on the icon in the lower right that looks like an envelope with a pencil eraser.

Welcome, the fun beings.... NOW

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