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I dont think touching a little in a few spots is a problem. I think that if they were "spooning" each other they would just form a solid hunk of meat and bone. The heat and smoke wouldnt get to the center as easy. If Im going to pack my smoker (actually Im going to attempt 6 racks cut in half this weekend) I will have the curves opposing each other.
Hopefully that allows the smoke and heat to cook everything somewhat equally.

I have never used the hooks before but will this time because with this many ribs I would have to use 4 racks with three 1/2 slabs each. If I hang them then they should all be done about the same time. These will be babybacks.

The crowd Im cooking for will want fall off the bone, hopefully that doesnt mean fall of the hook! Eeker
Originally posted by Dave0320:
Some of us just prefer this method. I believe it allows the ribs to fully absorb the smoke, and lets the grease flow freely to the pan.

I think it's since the cookshack cooks so moist that hanging the ribs from hooks keeps moisture from gathering/pooling on the top of the ribs. This makes for better bark and better LOOKING ribs. We eat with our eyes first. Big Grin

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