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I "guarantee" that you can make a good brisket. It's just going to take a little practice.

If a brisket is ever tough, it's because it wasn't cooked long enough. That simple.

Set it for 225.

Put the fat cap up (so the fat releases down into the brisket)
Insert a thermometer into the thick part of the lower half of the brisket (don't get it into fat) It's done when it's about 190 to 195.

But that's just a gauge.

Keep GooD notes, because this brisket will be different. Might take an hour per pound or might take 1.5 hours per pound.

You'll know when it's done by the "poke and prod" method. Although the temp is good to go by, you'll really know when you push a probe (such as an instant read thermometer) into the meat. If you move the probe around and it moves easily, the brisket it done. If it's like trying to push a probe into shoe leather, it's not.

Have any questions about your last one, before you try the next one?
My wife got a cookbook from Famous Dave's BBQ place (daughter is a hostess there). He has some great recipes including a neat brisket recipe. Grabbed the cookbook as soon as my wife unwrapped it. My daughter gave me BBQ sauce and rubs from Famous Dave's. I work part time at Cabelas so the rule in our house this year was all Xmas gifts come from Famous Dave's or Cabelas. Not a bad rule!
Hope to try the recipe on Jan 1.
My first brisket was good (225 8 hours meat 170, 180 5 hours meat 180) but hope this one is a lot more moist.
>cruel to brag about a BBQ recipe

Hope to try it tonight. I didn't want to share it until I tried it. There's a lot of really nice smoking recipes in Dave's book. If that brisket turns out as moist as the picture looks, it will be incredible.
I made up the "Moppin' Sauce" last night as he calls it (like to make this, a little Kahlua in the mix, a little more for me..., a little more for me...) and tonight I should start the brisket.
BUT First, we are going to Famous Dave's for New Year's Eve dinner and to buy more of his BBQ sauce. That will put me in the mood (love their ribs).
My daughter is working there tonight and it probably be the only time I see her on New Year's Eve (all the Famous Dave's emps are partying tonight, no parents allowed!).
It sounds like the same book as the Amazon link but the cover is entirely different. She bought the book at Famous Dave's. We only live about 5 minutes away (had their Texas brisket for New Year's Eve, good but not as moist as I expected). Maybe it's an older version still sold in the restaurants. The foreword and much of the pages appear the same. I am using the All Day Brisket recipe. Did the first part today. The brisket is now in a bowl in the fridge. I will smoke it again tomorrow (about 3 hours) before eating.

Do you have that book?
Enjoy the ribs, as I believe they're done in a CS and finished on a grill, least that one story I've heard.


Yeah, that's the rib recipe. I want to try that next. And yes, they got CS in the Famous Dave's by us. You can see it from the Take Out Counter. I am going to ask my daughter if she would get a pic for me. It's a big ol' thing.
I will describe what I did after finishing it today. I was out reading the board for a while last night. Dave talks about getting a good bark on the meat. I am a complete newbie on cooking this way but there was definitely no hard bark after using the CS for the initial cooking. So I did lots of board reading last night. The board has several good discussions on bark. Dave is assuming you are slow cooking in a standard smoker, not a CS definitely. I plan on finishing the final 'smoking' step today in the gas grill. Otherwise there will be no bark, just a soft coating. This should let me dry out the coating that is there. I was pretty careful to not disturb that coating last night when I took it out so if I can just harden it out today, it should still work. Worked on my web server last night so I got a place to host my images from.

If you're wanting to post pictures, you'll need to send them to me. It's just our policy as over the years, others places come and go and by putting them images on this server, we'll always have the link. It's really too bad where a lot of old pictures are no longer available because of this issue.

It's just part of the service I offer as your moderator.

As promised, update on the second brisket. It went in at 8:30AM at 225. By 7:30PM it was hovering around 155, by 8:30PM still hovering around 155. Turned up the CS to 250 and got the brisket up to 165 by 10:30PM. Checked it with the with the probe and it went in with no effort. Took it out and wrapped in foil. Yesterday had it for dinner and WOW! Made me feel like I was back in Texas, it was great!

Question though, should I be concerned that it never reached the 190 recomended temp?

If the probe went through easy and it ate good,that is what counts.

I'd be more concerned about the placement of the probe and its readings.

I tend to check several places with an instaread,if I am curious.

I don't know that I'd worry about finishing a brisket on the gasser to get more bark.

The Cookshack was designed for briskets.

The long term cooking and rub,should give you what you need.

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