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Just put in my first to butts. I rubbed them up the other night with CS rib rub. 2 8 pounders over 3 oz of hickory and 1.5 oz of mesquite. Put a therm. in each of them and will let them go until they reach about 195. How long do you think it will take in my 009? I started them at about 210-215 and will turn them up in the morning to 225-250. I am hoping for them to be done between 2 and 3pm tomorrow ( I have a dental appt at 3:20 and would like to have them off and wrapped up before I go.)
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Turn them up to 250* in the morning and if they are not done before you have to leave the house, they might be when you return home! No worries! They will be fine! If they are getting close, turn the smoker down until you return, if you wish. This is not an exact science! Do not expect these first butts to be as good as they can get. These are for seasoning.

Good wood choice, BTW. I like that combo with pork shoulder.

I realize that this is part of the seasoning process but these butts should still be pretty good shouldn't they??? Maybe I should have just done one to start with. Any suggestions on what to try next. I am running to town later and plan on picking up some more meat to smoke. I was thinking ribs or a beef brisket.
Ribs are also another pretty easy item to cook. I think the brisket is one of the more difficult smokes to get right. I still dont have a solid feel for them but the practice is great!

Like Wheelz said, chicken is another good one to try while learning. As he said, careful with how much wood you use though as chicken soaks up the smoke pretty fast and can get bitter. I would avoid mesquite on chicken and maybe even stay away from hickory as both of these pack a pretty good smoke punch. I like apple for my chicken and cherry on my ribs.

Have fun!!!
I should have just listen to you guys. I cant believe how easy that was. I had always heard what a pain it was to turn out smoked food like I did. Man that was easy. The butts turned out great. Just a little overdone. I think my Therm. is off. Butts were in for almost 20 hours. One read a temp of 187 the other 168. When I switched the probes from one unit to the other, then one of them read 205. I just couldn't wait so I opened the door and pulled on the bone. The butt just about fell apart when I did that. There were done for sure. The one that was on the bottom read with the lowest temp but it was almost to soft/mushy but still tasted great. So I am in the market for a new/better thermometer. What is the threm. to get. I would like something with a wireless unit that I can take in the house with me. Also something that has a couple of probes to monitor the smoker temp and meat temp or a couple different pieces of meat. What would you guys rec. Also if you know of a place with the best prices let me know.

In my opinion, you only need to monitor meat temp. Monitoring box temp will only drive you nuts.

The wireless units are worthless, in my opinion. A big waste of dough when you get one and figure out how many different things screw with the frequency.

You are better off with a remote probe on a wire that attaches to a digital LCD display with a magnetic back to stick to the side of the smoker out of direct sunlight. It will serve you well.

Best not to get too high-tech. It is BBQ.


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