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I recently smoked a large fillet of salmon for my wife's office -- odd request, but that's what they wanted. I kept it very simple:

-- Rubbed with Olive Oil
-- Kosher Salt
-- Pepper
-- Dill
-- Smoked with Cherry Wood to 140 degrees. Set Smoker to 225 degrees.

It turned out fantastic. My wife's office went nuts over it, which is not necessary a good thing, since they are now making many other additional requests Smiler.
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Sounds like you got it right! Next time, try Mr. T's brine overnight and then pat dry and let dry to a glaze to form a pellicle before smoking. Your salmon will be moist and very tasty, and no oozing white stuff! Your temp, time, and wood are great but we prefer apple for more mild flavor. I've found that about 90 minutes does it. 140 - 145 is a good temp to take it off. Frozen sockeye or coho will do this time of year, but nothing beats Copper River and King when they are in season. Enjoy!

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