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My Sm025 is at least 5 years old and the controller I have only controls the temperature using the built-in internal probe.  If I connect the additional probe it will only display.  It doesn't impact cooking time or change temperature.

I always use a Tappecue temp probe to measure the temp of my meat and never use the probe that you can connect to the smoker.


I called CS support, and, they said to unscrew the control box.  Then, to check the YELLOW connector to make sure it is connected. I had to unscrew this connection, and, jiggled all the wires involved.  After reconnecting everything, the unit is again heating up. And, the probe when inserted shows the temp of the meat (attn rsnovi) that is being cooked.

It seems that when it was not connected, the message "PRB" on the temp screen points to a problem, FWIW.

The cooking temp is independent of the probe. I use the CS probe in addition to a remote temp monitor occasionally. I use a Thermoworks monitor and probe to monitor the temperature of my food remotely for long cooks.

Now, we can again enjoy some good smoked ribs instead of oven cooked ones

Anyways, thanks to CS support for their help!

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