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Well. We shipped 10 lbs of almonds back to Chicago for Christmas and wound up with nothing for us. So I whipped up a batch each of almonds and pecans using these recipes:

Smoked Cinnamon Pecans

Followed the recipe except this time I decreased the cinnamon to about 1/8 cup and increased the sugar to 1/3 cup.

Smoked Almonds

When they're finished, I'll post a picture and let everyone know how they turned out.

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I have four pounds of your smoked almonds in the smoker right now. Will smoke a total of 18 lbs of almonds and two pounds of pecans.

I took three pounds of the Spicy Maple to my physical therapist the day before yesterday. The almonds are gone today. He says he's ordering a Cookshack right after Christmas, and I believe him.

I did a pound of the Spicy Maple pecans last night and I can't leave them alone! I may hve to join a 12-step program!

Thanks for the recipe and advice.

Pags: How did the Cinnamon Pecans turn out?

I did a batch of your garlic smoked almonds Saturday and gave them all away so will have to do more tonight. Wife wasn't too crazy about the smoked taste, but everyone else thought there were great. So will have do mix up a batch and let her roast some in the oven for her enjoyment.
The cinnamon pecans turned out great. I overcooked them so they were stuck together solid when done smoking. When I broke up the pecan clumps, the pecans fractured. Still tasted great, but the nuts were broken into smaller pieces.

I smoked them for about 4.5 hrs at 235*. Since they have the honey/apple juice/cinnamon/sugar sauce, I should have taken them out of the smoker while they were still a tad on the moist side. Let them air dry for awhile, then break them up. I did this last time, the clumps seperated easily, and the nuts didn't splinter. By letting them go too long I created a form of cement/glue that was stronger than the pecans. Big Grin

I smoked up a batch of your honey/cinnamon almonds last evening and everyone just loves the hint of smoke they took on.
Definately not as smokey as the Worcestershire sauce/granulated garlic almonds but the garlic ones are my favorite. Besides like you said, they are even healthy for you.

Thank You for sharing. Now I have to make another run to Costco with all the other last minute shoppers. Frowner

Smokin posted the picture of the finished smoked pecans/almonds above. Both varieties turned out very tasty, toasty and just the right amount of smoke.

As I stated, the pecans were glued like cement and broke into pieces when I went to seperate them. I think the answer is break the cluster while the pecans are still warm fromt the smoker, then let them air dry for awhile after you've seperated them.

Glad everyone has enjoyed them.

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