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Smoked Claude would probably be great if you could catch him but he runs like a rabbit. Big Grin

Here's the butcher's take on a clod:

The #114 Shoulder Clod weighs 13 to 21 pounds and contains two major muscle groups.

The #114E Should Clod, Arm Roast consists of the large muscle system of the thick end of the clod including the Triceps Brachii muscles. This cut weighs from 8 to 12 pounds.

The #114E can be menued as pot roast or a mock brisket and is often referred to as the Short Clod or Clod Heart.

I'm sure if you search "clod" you'll find some ways to smoke it.

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Well now,it depends on your taste.

My bride likes fresh strawberries,and I like fresh steamed shrimp.

I can fix either well.

My father-in -law loves a well done fried pork chop,and my father loves a rare grilled steak.

I can fix either well prepared.

This guy is trying to explain a chuck roast,and why he thinks "somebody" is able to cook it better than "they" can cook a "pork shoulder".

He probably has some merit?

Which one do you think we should serve?

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