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Hi All,

Tried this last weekend - turned out great.

Used 1 whole side salmon (skin on) and "pin boned".

Spread Maple syrup on flesh side, and allow to soak in (20 mins).

Smoked using cold baffle in Amerique with try of ice on top. Used 1 oz hickory.

Smoked at 150 deg for 15 mins, then turned smoker off, and allowed to continue for another 75 mins (90 mins total).

Removed from smoker and placed on tray of canola oil (EVOO would influence flavour too much) in fridge for 2 hours to firm up, and then sliced thinly.

Wife says it's the best she's ever tasted - and this is one of her favourite foods. I'm a happy boy!

PS also cold smoked some cheese at the same time - turned out excellent. I can certainly recommend the cold baffle.
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Hi Qnorth,

I'm confused. I think we're talking about the same thing.

If you mean sliced thinly and usually served on a bagel with cream cheese, then I'd say lox, but if you're talking about a small lump of fish that you'd put on a cracker, I'd say not that (although in Australia we often eat smoked salmon/lox on crackers with cream cheese).

I looked on wikipedia to try and find out the difference:

and came up with the following:

"Cold smoked salmon is sometimes known in Canada and the United States as lox, particularly on the East Coast, the word being borrowed from German (lachs, G. for Salmon) or Yiddish."

So I'm still confused!

In any case, it tasted great.

Hope that was of some help.
Lox is what the definition you gave is... it looks like raw salmon (red in color) and yes, I like it best on a bagel with cream cheese.

The other smoked salmon I was talking about is served cold, as on a buffet table. Looks cooked however, grey in color. I guess you could eat it on crackers or just nibble on it cold. But the color between the two are much different.

So which color was yours?

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