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Hey Smokin - move this to seafood if needed.

Until this weekend I had never smoked salmon or any other fish for that matter. Saturday I took on Salmon. I followed the recipe for Andi's Kippered Salmon with a few changes. I left the skin on the fish, used honey instead of maple syrup and Kosher salt instead of canning salt and left out the saltpeter.

I dry brined for about 4 hours. Left uncovered in the fridge for about 4 hours, then coated with honey and a sprinkle of CS spicy chicken rub (just a sprinkle...), and left uncovered in the fridge for another 4 hours. Salmon was mostly dry at this point... good enough for me anyway.

Cooked at 190 deg on the PG1000 until it reached IT of 132deg (about 2hours).

Pulled it and served immediately. Honestly this turned out about 10x better than expected, moist, flavorful, with almost a "buttery" taste though no butter was added. Pellicle was great and no white goo!

Leftovers got made into a great smoked salmon spread the next day.

I forgot to take "Before" pictures... sorry!

On the PG1000 almost done.

Ready to cut and serve.

Leftovers - soon to be Salmon Spread

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190 - LHT 10 HHT 25

Temps ran between 185-205 via my maverick (you can see location on the indirect grate in the picture. Maybe could lower to HHT of 20, but this was pretty good as far as I'm concerned.

As usual (since I live in Ponca City) I was using Cookshack (Fast Eddy) pellets - hickory.

HHT and LHT can be confusing and difficult to "fine tune" AND it will change depending on the pellets used. There are some good posts regarding LHT and HHT on a different board. PM me for info.


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