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I had a strange request today. Anyone ever smoke salts? This guy says he pays like $15 + shipping for a 1/2 pint jar off of Amazon. He said he loves a hickory smoked sea salt on baked potato's. Honestly, I've never heard of this product but after looking on Amazon there might be an opportunity there???

Anyone got any tips? I'd like to try a batch and see how it comes out.

This kind of falls in there with the smoked eggs. It thought it was crazy but when I tried it we loved them Wink
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There are a few topics on it.

Keep the temp low and the smoke up (smaller chunks).

It's a very common item out there in the chef world, we had some in the restaurant.

I use a frogmat with cheese cloth laid on top of it. Try 30 min. Take it inside, cool and store and test it the next day. The flavor intensifies. then decide if you want more smoke. A little smoke goes a long way.

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