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I saw this on the TV and decided to give it a try;
Take bacon drippings from my homemade bacon from my cook shack SM020 and add to some whiskey. Shake well. Chill until the fat floats to the top and hardens. Remove the fat. Serve at room temperature or over ice as preferred. Pretty great!

I imagine a pork butt or brisket fat would work just as well. Different woods used to smoke the meat would also make for variations.
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uh, that's Bacon Whiskey, not Smoked Whiskey maybe call is Ski's Homemade Smoked Bacon DDD Whiskey Big Grin

Saw the same Drives, Dives episode. I love my bacon, but I'm not gonna put bacon in expensive whiskey just to test it and certainly won't drink cheap whiskey just to try. Lifes too short to drink cheap whiskey.

I think it's just part of the crave to make everything bacon (there have been a lot of things recently about how much bacon stuff there is; bacon mayo, bacon ice cream, bacon whiskey...)

But hey, give it a try, take some photos and let us know.

Do some blind taste tests with your friends see if they can detect the bacon.
skipro3. Did the whiskey pick up a smoke or bacon flavor?

Oh well. I'll try something once. Suppose Jack Daniels is too strong a flavor to try it. Maybe Gentleman Jack.

Interesting how something gets developed. Some guy was sitting around one day, bored, and said "think I'll try floating some bacon grease in my whiskey." Maybe already had too much of the golden nectar.

Must be something there if people are trying it. Wonder what was going through the guy's mind when he decided to try Rocky Mountain Oysters.
Booze & Bacon - What's not to like?

A couple years ago I had a Bloody Mary at Tailor restaurant in New York made with bacon infused vodka. It was outstanding. The bartender gave me the very simple instructions for the infusion, and we always keep a bottle on hand. A YouTube video on the process is here.

At a later date, I also had a Old Fashioned at PDT in New York made with bacon infused Four Roses that was also quite good, though I have not made it home. There's not too many Old Fashioned drinkers around these days. The PDT video is here.
Originally posted by Pags:
... Maybe Gentleman Jack.

NOW we're talking a bad idea. Why take a good drink and experiment with it. If you want to, send me the GJ and I'll send you some cheap bourbon.

That's like people taking great tequila or great bourbon and mixing anything with them...

And you're talking to a guy who loves bacon that it would probably been on my last meal if I was on death row. Love bacon.
Oh shit, that is alcohol abuse if I've ever heard of it.Some folks just don't understand or rather not care to understand fine wine.

Now 3 years ago, for xmas, I gave the wife a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville machine. I wasn't much of a tequila fan, when younger, but hey live and learn. I can make some awesome drinks out of that high dollar toy.

A frozen drink tastes real good in 100* weather, while waiting on some good Que. Could be just me though!
I used some cheap stuff;
Blended whiskey called 75 South
The wife had it in the cabinet and she uses it for making a whiskey sauce she pours over homemade bread pudding. I did about 6 ounces and it was pretty tasty! With a nice $5 cigar and the sun setting real pretty, it was just the ticket. For anyone interested, the cigar was an ACID Cold Infusion Tea.

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