Is the cart worthwhile?
Even if not used for storage?

Does it seal tightly to keep critters out?
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Nope, does not seal closed, but raises the Smokette up off the ground and high enough you don't need to stoop over much. Some might not stoop at all. If you already have a high spot to set the Smokette, you don't need it. You do need whichever cover fits whichever choice you make. BTW, I haven't found any critters in my cart/stand.

Won't keep ants out but keeps everything else out of mine.. and yes.. I think it was a worthwhile purchase.. unless you are handy enough to make your own out of plywood or similar.

If you do a search, there has been a bit of disucssion on this topic.
I have a small mini fridge that I wasnt using in the house anymore so my smoker sits on that in my utility building. Now the fridge keeps my beer and meat cold and puts the smoker at eye level. My mother in law just gave me a small tv she wasnt using so as soon as I get the cable tv run to the shed I can just about live out there!
I initially bought the 08 and did not buy the stand. Once I got the 08 set up on my deck I decided for ME that I needed a stand to lift it up off of the ground. You can build a stand but I ended up ordering the stand and the cover for both the stand and smoker. I was able to return the initial cover and I ended up paying the difference! I like the fact I can store my wood, foil, thermometer in the cabinet. It has a magnet that keeps the door closed! I would highly suggest getting the CS cart or building a table!!! Good Luck!!!
during my vacation I will make one out of treated wood to match the rest of the patio, I will probably make it 2' high....

I will post pics of mine when done...

for about 50$ of treated wood and a ½ day...
Don't know what your wood is treated with.. but, most treated wood is, to my knowledge, poisoness. I would be very leery of using treated wood.. rather, using regular wood with a few good coatings of spar varnish or poly urethane..
Originally posted by ezgoin:
What am I missing? I thought the wood was going to have the smoker sitting on it, not going in it.

True.. but what about picking up these contaminants on wood stored on the shelves? Probes touching the surfaces and transferred to the meat? I know in the past there has been discussion about using cherry and other types of wood that come from cabinet shops because they might have some contaminant.. this is generally a worse contaminant.

Thunderbyte wrote: I think most picnic tables are made of treated wood...

I believe most tables out here are either redwood or cedar.. and if doug fir, probably treated with something that is more like a Thompson's water seal.. but, I wouldn't swear to that.

I'd rather be safe than sorry.........
Looks like elevating the cooker is the preference.

As far as treated wood, I might go another way if it were me, like perhaps cedar or some other friendly rot resistant lumber.

But come to think of it, we have stained pine trim on our house that's survived since 1983. So probably just about any wood with a sealing stain.
If anyone is interested, Northern Tool has stainless steel stands for the 009/008/050/055. They are $199.00. There is no picture...and I don't know is CS ever produced a SS stand...but, I bought my 055 from them and got a great deal. They no longer sell CS smokers, so I think they're pulling from their own stock.

Perhaps you might use one of the "man-made" deck products.

They're made of sawdust and a plastic binder. All re-cycled material, non-toxic, no staining, very low upkeep, looks good all the time.

Trex, Timber Tec, and Epoch are some of the brands.
We are supposed to use gloves and wash our hands after handling treated lumber, so......

I was at Home Depot yesterday and saw a nice cart that could be used for the Smokette.. but, I'd rather use it for prep work. It had stainless legs and a granite top with a hole for dumping scraps into a stainless pan for removal later. I couldn't find it in the online catalog.. but it looked similar to one online. The online one has blue painted legs.. the one at the store has stainless legs. To get a good idea.. go to Homedepot and type in "chris and chris" in the search. You'll get three items.. it looks like/similar to the middle unit. Online one is a bit fancier with wood trim around the granite.. the store units didn't have the trim and was about $50+ less expensive.

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