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He said butts and brisket come out beautiful if you drench them with broth and apple juice, then foil tightly and smoke for exactly 6 hours at 300*. He said in his experience it doesn't matter how big the piece of meat is, it always works great. Big Grin

I'm just trying to push him over the edge.........the 10,000 post edge that is.
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He also said the foil works especially well on ribs that have been parboiled first. Then after they're smoked, finish them on the grill with Kraft Original BBQ Sauce. Amazingly the ribs smoke for 6 hours too, fully foiled the whole time. Smokin's been keeping all the best secrets to himself.


Are you guys TRYING TO KILL ME....


Thud (sound made when Smokin' fell over)

I would have responded sooner, but they didn't let me out of the hospital after the Cardiac Arrest you caused.

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