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Need a new smoker and I  smoke Kielbasa by hanging in smoker . How many pounds of kielbasa can i do at a time in the s066 hanging them????? Im torn between buying the smoker from the sausage maker or the cookshack they both say 50lb smokers but the sausage maker demisions are bigger for sure and it is 220v. I really want to be able to hang 30 lb at a shot or more but dont want to pay 4800 to do it  Any advice would be great Greg

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Aside from capacity, you should consider that the CS electric smokers (I have a SM-066) are very well sealed around the door and there is only a small vent hole in the top. This provides a very moist environment and can made sausage smoking a bit challenging where you want the casing to dry out. There are ways around it like periodically opening the door to release moisture, and you can search this forum how folks have made it work.

The SM066 has five cooking grids, each 18 in. wide by 14 in. deep. That should give you an idea of capacity if you lay your sausage links flat on a grid. There is no provision for hanging sausage links - you would have to rig something up. The open space inside the smoker is 18 in. wide by 14 in. deep by 20 in. high (above the heat shield over the wood box). That should give you an idea of capacity if you hang your sausage, depending on how you set up a hanger system.

For searching the site, there is a search tab in the top banner on the Forum Home page. "Advanced Search" gives you many options to refine your search. Hope this helps.


PS: I had a Sausage Maker smoker many years ago. It was designed to hang sausages, and allowed the sausage casings to dry out as they should. The temperature control was not great. It used wet sawdust that needed to be replaced during the cook. The CS electric smokers use dry wood chunks. I don't know anything about the current line of Sausage Maker smokers.

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