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Ordered a 20 on 12-29 from the Charcoal Store. I've been smokin' turkeys, brisket, summer sausage,pork, etc.,for years, but this will be my first electric unit.
I started with acharcoal up-right "bullet" smoker, then graduated to a side box grill-smoker and have had great results for years. The problem has been when cold weather hits here in MO. the smokin' takes too much charcoal +wood to maintain temp with uninsulated steel, so have to wait for warmer weather.
Been readin' the forums to learn about these insulated smokers while I wait. I am so pumped to be able to smoke anytime and not have to "babysit" quite so much. Keep up the writin' so I can learn more so I'll be ready to go when my smoker arrives.
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Welcome to the forum and the "world of electric smokers done right"! I must admit that I entered this world about 5 years ago when I decided to retire my Brinkmann off-set. I never shed a tear on that decision and I doubt you ever will! Lots of great support on this forum and a group that will never let you down. Hope you enjoy your new smoker for many, many years!
Nice to see a fellow "show-me-state" smoker making a smart move. I just love my little black box(020). Please, read some more. My advise to you is go to target store and get 2 taylor probes(don't ask how I know). I just smoked 3 pbs and it was 6* outside when I smoked them. No problem with the cold here in MO.
I had the same experience here in Virginia over the weekend. Put in a PB while the air temp was about 12* and the wind chill brought it down to about 5*. My wife said it was some of the best I have ever done. Gave some to a buddy at work today who grew up in Alabama...he raved about it and couldn't believe that I did it in this kind of weather.
I think we will have a new CS owner soon !!

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