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Looks like a full comp. As of last Friday they have 47 of 50 slots full.

The usual suspects I have to beat: Buffalo's, Twin Oaks (together they are reigning JD World Champs), Feeding Frenzy (make last year's Jack), Head Country II (actually has them and Paul Schatte as (sauce plant), Pink Flamingo, Ring of Fire, Squeal of Approval (last year's BBQ Showdown champ)

First outing of the year, this Friday. I remember this time last year, how many questions I had. Don't have as many this year, how come?

Since I ended the year the same way I started, only 1 call, I'm gonna try and improve on that this year. Been waiting since Sept to redeem myself.

Well looks like the trailer won't be ready this week, on schedule for next week (yeah, heard that one haven't you?) have a new comp in Enid that day.

Just sorting through all the notes and stuff. Done the practice cooks, now the fun begins.

More details later.

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Well finished 7th out of 57.

Beat Twin Oaks and Buffalo together for the first time. Nice start to the year.

It was a great first contest and it reinforced a LOT of what we knew about the judges. Oh, those judges Frowner

Well Paul won GC (Head Country II) and Jason (Feeding Frency won RGC) Jason went to JD last year as the Oklahoma champ. Great guy.

Only one call (10th in ribs) but the consistency of all 4 put me 7th. My great friend Mike with Smokedelics finish 6th, he was in the next spot and we've got our own mini-competition going on this year.

Full Results:

Stillwater Elks 18 Annual BBQ Cookoff
April 1, 2006
Stillwater, Oklahoma
53 teams

Reserve Grand Champion
Feeding Frenzy BBQ, 654.2862"
3, Sauce Plant Team, 649.7144"
4, Pink Flamingo, 649.1432"
5, Mun Chin Hog@the Hilton, 647.4286"
6, The Smokedelics, 642.8576"
7, Smokin Okies, 641.7142"
8, Caveman BBQ, 641.7140"
9. Four Legs Up BBQ, 638.8568"
10, Smokin Bones Cooking Team, 636.0002"

1. Uncle Randy's BBQ, 175.4286"
2. Pink Flamingo, 172.5716"
3, Pepper Creek BBQ, 166.8572"
4, Horizon Smoker Company, 166.8572"
5, Jeanie's Got Wood, 166.8572"
6, Squeal of Approval, 166.2860"
7, Houndogs BBQ, 164.0000"
8, Caveman BBQ, 162.8572"
9, Bedlan BQ, 161.7146"
10, Buffalo's BBQ, 161.7140"

1, Buffalo's BBQ, 173.1428"
2, Turnin' & Burnin, 172.5716"
3, Smokin Bones Cooking Team, 169.7144"
4, Twin Oaks Smokin Crew, 169.7142"
5, Pink Flamingo, 169.1430"
6, Feeding Frenzy BBQ, 169.1428"
7, Head Country II BBQ, 168.5712"
8, Mun Chin Hog@the Hilton, 167.4286"
9, The Smokedelics, 165.1430"
10, Smokin Okies, 165.1428"

1, The Staggering Chef, 174.2858"
2, Swine of the Times, 170.8574"
3, Head Country II BBQ, 168.0002"
4, Caveman BBQ, 166.8570"
5, Feeding Frenzy BBQ, 165.1430"
6, Ring of Fire BBQ, 164.5714"
7, Four Legs Up BBQ, 164.0000"
8, Floyd O's, 163.4286"
9, Fire Stokers, 162.8572"
10, Sons of Thunder BBQ , 162.8572"

1, Head Country II BBQ, 176.0000"
2, Sauce Plant Team, 173.1428"
3, The Smokedelics, 171.4288"
4, Mun Chin Hog@the Hilton, 170.2858"
5, Rib Wurx, 169.7142"
6, Smokin Bones Cooking Tea, 169.7142"
7, Touch of Smoke, 167.9998"
8, Uncle Randy's BBQ, 166.2856"
9, Wylie Coyote, 165.7144"
10, Four Men and a Pig, 165.1426"

Grand Champion
Head Country II BBQ, 661.1426"
Not looking at my score sheet, I have plenty of low numbers on it, guess that's why I didn't place but 1 in top 10. Even AFTER throwing out the low scores.

But overall my 4 scores were good ???

25 of 52 chicken
10 of 51 ribs
17 of 51 pork
16 of 51 brisket.

For a guy who got 2 firsts in chicken, guess I don't know how to do chicken.

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