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Hello, I would appreciate any insight...
I make venison summer sausage, allot of it. I use an 80/20 deer to pork mixture. Use a high quality commercial spice, use the prescribed packet of sure cure, add cheddar or pepper jack cheese, stuff in 3 pound casins, hold in the fridge overnight and then smoke in the cs260 to an internal temp of 160. We then cold bathe it and cool to room temperature before shrink wrapping for the freezer. It has great color and flavor, everyone loves it.
However, if I thaw a package and do not use it all I put it in the fridge in ziploc pags and within 3 or 4 days it turns an awful brown to brownish greem color. The odor is fine and the taste is even good. It just seems any exposed surface discolors within a few days in the fridge.
What is causing this?? Is it the cheese? Can it be avoided?
Or is it simply that this product with cheese in it has a short shelf life??
Thanks for your input.
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One thing it may be, it sounds like you only made 3 pounds from the mix: Those packaged mixes are usually for use with 25 or more pounds of meat. When making smaller batches, there is often inconsistency between batches from settling of heavier spices in the packages. They usually work best when using the whole packet at once. Perhaps your batch did not contain the proper amount of cure or salt, and the exposure to air quickly caused the discoloration.

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