Place meat prob in the meat right out of frig.Closed the door and turned it on.Prob registered over a 100 degrees and kept climbing till it read hi and that is where its staying.Oven temp was only in the 20's when I started this. Anyone had this problem?
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Take the probe out, make sure it's clean and both ends and retry.

If it persists, sounds like the probe is off, but I'm thinking if you reinsert it, let's see what happens.
I had the same problem a while back. My wife washed the temp probe and got water into the end that plugs into the control panel. I found some posts that talked about drying the probe in the oven. I sprayed a little shot of WD-40 on the plug and into the socket of the control panel... problem solved.
I don't know about WD 40, although it is good to use to dissipate water, I would start with tuner cleaner or brake clean and let it dry good before I fired it up.
Agree. NEVER use WD40 around anything that will come in contact with food. Just substitute a food grade oil (vegetable, corn, etc) and it'll work.
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cs sent a new probe and it works fine.Thanks to everybody for your help though. Ride like you stole it.

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