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I'm new to making jerky but using a Hi Mountain kit my first two attempts turned out great. So, my question is this......I have a bag of Morton's tender quick, their instructions are a smidge different than those on the Hi Mountain box. Are they about the same or different. Should I get some more high mountain or will the tender quick work just the same....following directions on the Hi Mountain?

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Hey Rick!,

I've yet to use the TQ in place of the HI mountain cure, but this is what I came up with when researching. I had thought of doing just what you asked about , but haven't yet....

Tender Quick is a blend of salt, sugar, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, and propylene glycol. The amount of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are 0.5%.

When I looked at the Hi Mountain box for the cure ingredients it said salt,sugar,sodium nitrite(.85%), and caramel color.

What I have found is that when cure is used too long it washes out the flavor of the rub/spices that you are using. So if you try and are having a problem with washed out flavor or "hammy" taste. I would then cut back on your brine time.

I guess you realize Cabela's in KC have the HI Mountain kits?
Cal, not sure why that happens with the flavor washing out, but the same thing happened to me when I let a batch of Hi-Mtn cured jerky sit for 48 hours. Definitely came out with less flavor.

But I did do a batch just the other day and it had to sit for 48 hours until I could get to it and it came out fine. I had put alot of seasoning in it though and that might have been the trick to fixing the wash out.

SALMON - I am guessing you are gonna put your own seasoning recipe in with that tenderquick right?? Because the tenderquick alone is not a replacement for the Hi-Mtn. But I think you might know that, just checking. There are a lot of great recipes on this forum using tenderquick. Have fun!

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