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I moved this out of another thread, from DantheMan:

Do you or have you heard of using those meat tenderizers that poke a million holes with little knives in to the meat for added marinating and tenderizing . Have u heard of this being done or is it a waste of time when smoking say for Venison, etc.?
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I purchased one of these and found it to be a total waste of money. Yes, it pokes holes through the meat and cuts through connective tissue. In doing so, the meat also cooks faster (not always a good thing) AND allows the juices to flow freely out. You have to use a lot of pressure which, in essence, flattens the meat (makes it thinner). Not good.

I had high hopes for my Jacard meat tenderizer but was throughly disappointed. Like Tom & Smokin said, low & slow, it's the best way to go!

BTW, Cute nails Tom! LOL Big Grin
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