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After examining my needs and desires the desires won over in part to the "bigger is better" trait I have.

I ordered the 055 for the added size I might find usefull. I'm sure the 09 would have been fine 95% of the time......

Now all I have to do is figure out what meat to have ready the day it arrives.

Great forum.....

Thanks for the input so far....

I already have a reputation for fine game products in my circle.... from what I've read with the CS 055 I will secure my spot at the top until the guys figure out my secret!

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Well since you are thanking the members of the forum for helping you spend your money. I assume you went "whole hog" and got the cold smoking baffle. With your reputation for "fine game products" you will need it to further enhance your farm (outstanding in your field) position. If by some chance you forgot, call CS Customer Service and have them add it to your order and save the later shipping fee. Wink

Cold smoked salmon, bacon, etc. try that on any other rig out of the box. Roll Eyes

Oh by the way esfishdoc, welcome to the forum and the CS family. Cool
I got the cover......

Did not order the cold smoke baffle....


I placed the order through Cabela's as they are my favorite store.

I'm now reading through old threads trying to figure out where to start with all the rubs, tubs, brines and tines and family secrets.


Have you tried Kevi's jerky cure (open forum search). I can eat/sell all I am willing to make. I've used it for both beef and chicken (thighs). They come out very different but excellent. AB on Food Network also has a good change made with the brown Wooster sauce stuff and a good little kick.

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