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Thanks to all the hard work of Tony Marler, Teri Gordon and Stuart Powell, the first 2 teams of Parrothead and Smokin 101 will give the FEC100's a trial run in cookoff mode in NKC at the Snake Saturday cookoff. These 2 are great chefs at doing KCBS cookoffs and we wish them great luck at bringing home the GREEN.
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Hello Guys
First off I would like to think Eddy & the guys at Cookshack for getting me the new pit in time to start the season. Now let me tell you this new IQ3 is so nice to use and controls the pit so well.I started it for the first time friday at 11am just to see how she would work it worked great I also put about 20 biskets in her to find the hot spots all 20 cooked the same no hot spots unbeleaveable. That all said here is how the first cookoff went we took 10th in chicken,3rd pork,1st brisket (they hated my ribs lol) 5th overall out of 80 some teams (not sure just how many). I cooked the brisket and pork on the new cooker. I cant wait to go to my next cookoff which is going to be Bentonville AR (Unless I find one to go to between now and then) so if any body wants to come by and look at this new cooker feel free to stop by.

Great showing. Congrats on the calls, sorry about the ribs. 1st in brisket in that crowd is great.

Maybe we'll see you in Bentonville.

Need to find out how it worked, I'm hoping to have mine by my first contest the end of the month.

Come down to Stillwater on 3/31. Lots of folks seem to come down from KC as it's early in the year. Last year about 45 teams.


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