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I'm not sure if it's me or what. Whenever I smoke ribs and burgers yesterday for the first time (2 oz of hickory) I really don't taste the smoke flavor but family and friends will notice it.

But when I have the left overs the next day I will notice the smoke flavor better more on the second day rather than the day of. Have you noticed this or is it just me?
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It's always been my experience that the smoke is better, more profound, the next day..

Wonder if your 'nose' has been conditioned by being in/around the smoke too much during the cook and subsequent after cook preps?

There is a strong connection between the olefactory nerves an the taste nerves/buds (sense of smell and sense of taste). For example, people who have a cold in their nose/head have a difficult time tasting foods. Same with drinking good wines.. you inhale the aroma deeply and experience that part of it and then taste it.. swoosh it in your mouth while doing some inhaling.. much better experience.

When I leave the house after a good smoked meal, I really smell the aromas better/stronger when returning.. IF the aroma and taste have something in common, as the studies have shown.. that might be your answer.. or part of it. Heck, I notice a huge difference if I double wrap my butts or ribs after the cook and then foil and put in an ice chest for a while befoe serving.. It gets me away from the aromas for a while. What a difference when I open the foil.

I used to work at a resturant in my college days. I got used to the smells and didn't notice them after a while. But, when I got home.. my wife would definitely smell the resturant on my clothes, in my hair, etc.

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