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I would upgrade, just for the extra cooking space, but I just can't let her go. 6 years old. I never make any money from the smoked goods, although I could. Just good friends and neighbors enjoying Q. I get invites for home cooked meals, all the time. They cook their best meals for me, They call me the Penguin, I have to waddle home.
We do carry ins at work, one of the best was my ribs and salmon. 8 Racks of babybacks and 7 lbs. salmon. The people at work buy all I can make. I only charge enough to cover the meat and supplies. But it's a good time.
I haven't had a problem with the smoker. I would put an external outlet through my garge wall with a red light so I know if the smoker is on or off. Winter no problem, you can see the heat/smoke, summer I do a sniff test.
Not gonna sell it.


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