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Competed at the Molalla Buckaroo this weekend a few miles from the Traeger plant in Mt. Angel. Did a whole shoulder (20lbs) for pork entry, to huge briskets, some big baby backs and chicken on the FE. Ryan and I came in fourth overall.

We thought the chicken turnin was at 2:00pm. I was working on cleaning the Ocalla Bill's marinade off the thighs about 12:15pm when someone told us they had to be in at 1:00pm. In a panic we turned the FE to Maximum temp on the controller and put our thighs on the lower shelf and some on upper ones. We closed the FE up and noted it was now 12:20pm, only 45 minutes until window opens for turnins. We left them alone until 12:59, opened the door and picked six off the racks, put a little KC Masterpiece mixed with honey on them, threw them in the box and turned in. Best we have done in chicken so far!

Thank you Bill for the method! You have helped us break through finally on chicken.
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Another success story for pelletheads everywhere.

You DO post the turn-in schedule in your tent don't you Wink

I've seen this happen too many times, I just take the timesheet cooks get and post/tape it up somewhere. Someone on the team is always the single timekeeper and if they don't get it right, they get cleanup duty.

Congrats again.


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