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I'm getting ready to season my new Amerique and have read many posts about seasoning a new smoker. To smoke with a butt or without? I know that this has been a question of several posts, but there has been no definitive answer. Is this only a preference or does the pork fat really season the smoker better? If I do season the Q with the butt, should I leave it in their plain or should I throw some rub on there? Will the rub in fact give the smoker more "flavor"? Thanks, any opinions would be appreciated.
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1st season with smoke only, then you may smoke that butt for eating. Yes, put as much rub on that PB as you can. I would rub no longer than 2 hrs before smoking, the flavor will not be left on the smoker.

The butt doesn't have to be the first smoke, but many of us recommend it.

Keep good notes and patience will be needed on a long smoke(like a PB), keep the door shut!
Just go for it, with or without a butt.

I suggest with, as you have the smoker going and a waste of smoke, so smoke something while you're at it.

I WOULD suggest validating the temps, making sure it's in the range. Read the lessons for new users, don't stress about temp flucations or smoke out the door.

Always do you first smoke during the week; in case you have questions and need Cookshack help.
To tag onto this thought,your smoker will not be finally/ultimately seasoned after the first run.

The more smoke,etc,, you get on those bright stainless walls,the happier your cooker will be.Temps won't bounce around as much on coated walls, and the fuller the load,the more stable the cook will be.

THAT comes with time/cooking.

A butt is the most forgiving thing you will cook,so you'll still get some good eatin'.
Well now,ol' Smokin' and I are thrilled, and quite relieved, to know you "young bucks" are there to pick up the panic calls from all them folks that just received their cooker, that never thought to read anything on the forum,invited 75 of their closest friends ,in-laws,and boss to come by and eat three meats and four sides on this Sat night,because they heard a CS was" set it and forget it". Roll Eyes

Luckily, we have confidence in you fine cooks to handle it,while we set in our recliner and watch the big game. Big Grin

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