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I finally got around to try some chuck roasts. Overall they came out good, but next time I'll put more salt/rub on them as they were a bit bland. I pulled them out at around 188-190. They were a bit hard to pull with still some tough connective tissue, etc. still there. Should I have left them in longer for pulling or should I have cut them into slices and then chop it all up?

Rick in CO
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Most times, if they're tough, just cook longer. They can dry out. What I'll do sometimes is put them in a while, pull them out and check. If they need more time, I sometimes break them into small chunks, check the liquid and put them back in. I also reseason them at that time.
I love chuckies in the CS. I tie them up with kitchen twine so that none of the pieces get off on their own and dry out, season them really good, smoke fairly heavy (I get the thickest chuck's I can), 235-250 CS temp, take 'em to 195 and then pull them out, wrap in foil and let them sit in the foil a long time...hour or two.

They're pretty darned near perfect. I serve it pulled apart (they shred moreso than 'chunk' so I usually more 'chop' it apart with a couple cleavers and break up the shreds a little bit and incorporate the outside with the inside), sauce 'em, and serve it on white toast (one piece, buttered, folded in half, yes, it seems to make a difference!).

MMMMMmm Ok, gotta go... need to buy another one!!
I concur, take them to 195 at least, then let them sit. Occasionally I will find a golf-ball sized piece which will not pull; I just separate it out for chopping. The rest is very much like pulled pork, only more dense. Three ounces of pulled chuckie fills me up as much as five ounces of pulled pork, so adjust your sandwiches accordingly.
wow...thanks for such great advice! I really liked them (but my bride liked them even more so, for a very pleasant surprise!) and with these ideas I know the next ones will be better. Mine did dry out some, so the stacking, tieing and bacon are all great things to avoid that.

GLH, when you stacked them on top of each other, did they cook all the way through ok? Did you add extra wood to get the smoke flavor to both?

Very appreciative!
Rick in CO
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