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Whatcha want to know.

Had a good time last year, going back this year.

Last year about 65 teams, they want to get to 80 this year. Big field, lots of open air. New teams get the open air, old teams get the shady trees. Hit 105 last year and about killed us new teams. That's the ONE reason I have a trailer this year, do hot in OK in the direct sun in July.

They're still working to do a better job of taking care of the cooks. I only say that because there are other events that seem to LOVE the teams, this one.... It was a fun event, but some of the organizers spent more time partying than they did worrying about the event itself.

Bring lots of water, wasn't enough and you had to carry it far.

I"m sure I'm leaving out something, what else?
Russ, I may come knocking on that air-conditioned trailer's door this weekend... Wink

I think Robert may be wanting to learn a bit more about the FE's in person this weekend. Is it okay if we do a little FE-talkin' on Friday night?

See you Friday!

Keri C, still smokin' on Tulsa Time (cooking as Hot Wire BBQ)

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