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Man it was sooooooo HOT in Tulsa, only about 104.

Here's the results, my story at the end:

The Art of BBQ was challenging as temperatures exceeded 101 degrees, it was easy to keep your temp if you were in the sun, no wood needed. Maybe Sun BBQ could be a new division.
But all had a great time.

Art of BBQ
Tulsa, Ok
72 Teams

1. B-Mans BBQ
2. Twin Oak Smokin Crew
3. Buzzard Bait BBQ & Chili
4. Air Products
5. Buffalo's
6. Meat
7. Smoke N Ice
8. The Smokedelics
9. Spicy Spitfire & Co
10. L & M BBQ

1","It Aint Prime","177.7144"
2","B-Mans BBQ Team","176.0000"
3","Twin Oak Smokin Crew","174.8572"
4","Smokin Okies","169.7146"
5","Skunk Eye BBQ","168.5714"
6","Buffalo's BBQ","168.0000"
7","Blowin Smoke BBQ Team","166.2860"
8","Midnight Smokers","165.7142"
9","Smoke Buster","165.7142"
10","Green Frogs Smokin","165.1432"

1","Billy Sims BBQ","177.1430"
2","B-Mans BBQ Team","173.1428"
3","Caveman Barbeque","172.5714"
4","Jungle Jeems Pig Posse","171.4286"
5","Royal Oak","170.8572"
7","L & M BBQ","169.1428"
8","Habitual Smokers","168.0000"
9","Over the Fence BBQ","167.4286"

1","Rib Wurx","174.2858"
2","Buffalo's BBQ","171.4286"
3","The Smokedelics","170.8572"
4","Redneck Rebels","170.2854"
5","Blowin Smoke BBQ Team","169.7144"
6","Touch of Smoke BBQ","169.1428"
7","B-Mans BBQ Team","168.0000"
10","Caveman Barbeque","167.4286"

1","It Aint Prime","177.1428"
2","Over the Fence BBQ","174.2858"
3","3 Guys Smokin","172.5714"
4","Smokin Nuts","172.0000"
5","A Boy and His BBQ","172.0000"
6","Midnight Smokers","171.4288"
7","Rib Wurx","170.2856"
8","Pork Pullin Plowboys","167.4286"
9","Jungle Jeems Pig Posse","166.8568"
10","Smoke Ridge Boys","166.2856"

Grand Champon
It Aint Prime","684.5718"
Reserve Grand Champion
B-Mans BBQ Team","682.2858"
3","Smokin Okies","666.8570"
4","Over the Fence BBQ","664.0002"
5","Buffalo's BBQ","655.4284"
6","L & M BBQ","654.2854"
8","Pork Pullin Plowboys","650.2858"
9","Royal Oak","649.7142"
10","Rib Wurx","646.2854"

It was great to work with Ronnie Harwell and the Arts and Humanities Council. Congratulations on all the calls
Merl and Carol
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Yeah, talk about under the radar. they only call the top 10, so you don't know till the end how you did.

Got one call for 4th in chicken, and at the end, when they're announcing 10th through 1st, Mrs. Smokin had left to go to her car and I was walking to get the score sheets.

Bammmm, they announced me for third and EVERYONE was shocked because I only had the one call. That made it fun for all of us, just to see the look on my face.

3rd overall, out of 72.

got 16th in ribs 3 points out of 10th
got 11th in Pork (lost tenth by .0002)
got 11th in Brisket (lost tenth ALSO by .0002)

Now I'm heading a huge contest at Fort Rucker in two weeks and that WILL put me in the mood to go win something.

On a side note, this was payback for last year when that same heat about killed me, that's why we had the trailer this year and it did come in handy. Nice to have A/C.


p.s. Thanks to Caveman BBQ for the Mike's Magic Margarita Induced BBQ discussion, came in handy the next day.
We have a farm down by Tulsa and I wanted to get over there for a big hot contest. But, we went to a family outing in Manhattan, Kansas instead and it was 104 degrees up there. This weather is NOT fun stuff.

Congratulations on the overall 3rd which should prove to be a great "warmup" contest for Rucker. Big Grin

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