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Hi folks, just got my Elite on Wen and am in the process of smoking 2 8 lb. Boston butts. This is my second smoke after break in and to say the least i am stoked! My question is this . . I have read in some instances where you can ship the unit back and upgrade it to a larger model. The reason I ask is I am thinking getting the smoke shack essential, or should I just upgrade to the larger elite. Right now I cannot do anything else in the smoker as the butts are to large to allow a rib rack.

So . . . . I have some plus and minus for each option . .

1 Unit
Space, power usage, temp probe

Open door to add ribs, only 1 temp probe, but not really needed for ribs, right? Only 1 beautiful smoker for my friends and I to admire.

2 Units
Have one unit for Large items, and 2nd unit for basically ribs, wings, etc . . allows for keeping the door and smoke in.

2 smokers to clean, more power usage, takes up more room.


I think the price would be roughly comparable either way. I figure I can get some external remote therms. so the external temp is not a big deal and would have the same predicament in either situation.

Let me know what you guys think and thanks in advance.

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Congrats on the new smoker! You do seem to have a good problem. IMO, I would smoke butts up to 4 of them. FTC and then smoke up to 6 loinbackribs without rack or 4 slabs of spares without rack. The butts will still be hot.

Then when I got tired of doing them like this I would tradein the smoker for a FEC, but then again it might be because they sure look like a lot of FUN.

Enjoy that new smoker of yours!!!!!!!
On that cooler I like to put 2-3 inches of hot water let set 30 minutes, repeat process, then dry with towel. This will heat that cooler really nice. Then when you put them butts in there make sure they are double foiled with heavy duty foil. when you put in cooler keep them together, towl over top. I then will put a small blanket on the cooler itself. They will stay hot while you cook them ribs.

I forgot to tell you that if you need a question answered you can normally use find button at top left corner and get a lot of GOOD reading material. Have FUN!!!!!!
FYI – I have been at this for about a year now with CS Smokette SM009. I am a newbie. The SM009 was the smallest/inexpensive smoker they had at the time. It is similar to the Smokette Essential in size and price. However, it does not have digital reader etc.

In the beginning I desperately wanted to sell the thing and buy a bigger one or get a second one. I learned how to live with it. For a small family or small gathering it is sufficient. Like the others said use a cooler.

If I did it all again I would return my CS within the first month. Hopefully, the place you bought it from has a good return policy. Then go buy an AmeriQue. It has the capacity and convenience I want. It holds 50 pounds. I believe the real bonus with the AmeriQue is the hold function. From the way I understand it, you stick a temp probe in your meat and set the temp. When your meat gets to the temp you set the AmeriQue goes into a hold mode. This would mean I can go to work and not think all day about how the smoke is going especially if you have to work late.
You have a great smoker enjoy it.

As I said above get the AmeriQue if
1. You can return the other smoker for a refund.
2. Have the resources/cash
3. If you really need the additional capacity
4. Like the hold function idea

Well you will be happy to know that I just ordered an additional Elite with one change. I actually got the door swing reversed. That way I can have them side my side in my summer kitchen and have much better access to them from a central point. I kind of got this idea with my fridge and freezer setup. I will keep everyone abreast of my efforts and let you know how it works out.

Thanks for all the input and posts on this question.


Originally posted by William_SWFL:
Well you will be happy to know that I just ordered an additional Elite with one change. I actually got the door swing reversed.

Actually a lot of us with double FE's do exactly the same thing with our competition rigs. Big Reds (Boomer and Sooner) I had made the same way.

I think you'll like having two.
... Thinking about a way to create a grease and drippings drain for my smokers as well as my grill . .Possibly copper tubing leading to a plastic lined trashcan.

I'm not sure why, would have to see some photos of the setup, but remember that once grease hits that copper and it's cool/cold then it will clog up. It will be liquid inside the smoker and will solidify once it leaves the heat. There is a catch pan under the smoker, maybe run your other stuff into that one.

Seems like a lot of work, but I haven't seen your setup.

Whatever you do, remember to empty it. One of the "lessons learned" in that thread is to remember to empty the grease.
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