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Hi all:
I want to try the autohold feature on my new AmeriQue. I plan to try a 5 lb. Brisket flat. I wat it to cook to IT 190-195. When the unit switches to hold, I noticed that it is so well insulated, that it takes a long time to settle at the 140 hold temp. I'm sure anything will continue to cook at this point.

What should I set the probe temp for if I'm not going to be there to open the smoker and get it down to hold temp quick? Thanks.
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I'm with Max, go ahead and try it although I don't think the carryover will be 10 degrees. What's important though is that it will continue to cook and the collagen break down so regardless of what the highest temp it gets to, it will continue to tenderize.

BUT... I'm just not a fan of Cook and Hold, especially with Brisket, or really anything that doesn't have a specific temp to tell you when it's done.

And a brisket flat is a tricky thing when you watch it like a hawk and usually get's dry VERY quickly, especially a 5lb'er.

And it's a guessing game, if as I imagine, you're trying to say, ", it's going to continue to cook because the smoker is warm so I'll pull it sooner... yadda yadda."

That's a tough call. You'll have some success with it, but you will be our guinea pig and let us know.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I guess my real question is, how long do you think a closed, un-tended AQ will take to drop to 140* after hold mode activates. (not opened to dump heat)

If it is about 30-60 minutes (my guess?), this isn't carryover, it is actually 30-60 minutes of additional cook after the desired probe temp is reached.

I'll have to try it and report back.
I have used the hold feature on butts a couple of times. I chose this over wrapping in foil, then towels and placing in a cooler. Much more convenient. There was slightly more 'shredability' to the butt than when I pull it at 190 and place in a lidded pot where it sits for about 30 minutes. The difference was minimal, and may have had more to do with the butt itself than any additional cooking. The hold feature never exceeded 30 minutes.

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