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Hello everyone. With Football playoffs just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a simple menu for football fans in my neighborhood.

I want to provide pulled pork, buns, slaw and sauce. How would I go about "doin the math" on this? Also, should I pull or just present the "meteorite" to the house?

I've done 2 butts not more than that...can the 55 do more? I usually go to Costco and get their special...thoughts?

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Well first you might want to see what the intrest is in your products so that you can plan ahead, you wouldn't want to get more orders than you are able to handle and any givin Sunday! I would Think you could but 4-6 butts in at a time. Good Luck and Happy Smokin
Remember your only Smoking each butt so try to keep them the same size, so they finish around the same time !
Depends on adults, kids, big eaters, lots of sides. As sandwiches or as piles of Pulled Pork, etc...

Figure 50% reduction in weight.

Generally 2 X the raw weight = the number of 4 oz sandwiches. So a 7lb butt x 2 = 14 sandwiches.

Decide how many oz per.

1/4 pd per x 10 = 2.5 lb
1/2 pd per x 10 = 5 lb

Typical butt is 7 lbs or 3.5 lbs finished.

Most folks will cook about 10% extra,to be sure they don't run out.

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