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Thanks to everyone for your service and any Family that had the ultimate sacrifice. I only wish people would take more than a few moments and more than just one day a year, to say thanks.

Every time I see a vet, I tell him/her "thank you for your service". Try it.

USAF Lt Col Retired
Same as the fine comments above.

What is scary is we live a quarter mile from an AF base.We looked in the base paper,The Shark,to see about going out for the activities.

The golf course was having a "shotgun scramble" in honor of a day off work.
The yatch club was having a prayer and music from a local band today.
Free to club members,$5 for anyone else.

I hope this is just a budget cutback and not an attitude.

Every year past,you at least got a free hotdog and coffee or soft drink.
The base band played some and the colors passed.
Not too much,but the thought was there. Smiler

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