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Can you do anything with brine? I started with pureed apple sauce, apple cider vinegar and the other usual suspects and it tasted salty, spicey and appley (is that a word) as you would expect. For some reason it tasted unusually good. Maybe not enough salt but anyway it got me thinking can I do anything with this. I used it to brine a butt and it started out cool (cold apple sauce) and brined the butt in a 35* fridge (beer fridge). After brining I simmered it down to a apple butter consistencey. Maybe a little thicker and not as brown. Maybe I'ma dummy but I tasted it and it tasted like a good start for a BBQ sauce. SOOOOOOOOOOOO can I do anything with this or should I just be thankful I didn't get sick and thank the brine for a job well done?

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As long as it's cooked (simmering is around 180F-190F) after the meat is removed, should be fine. I'd think it might get pretty salty after cooking down to sauce thickness. Brining birds might give a bit of scummy foam on top after heating. I'd skim that off before cooking further, as when making stock.
If I had what I think you have I would take a portion of this apple reduction and add something the Italians call "Vincotto". This is something akin to balsamic vinegar, only a bit sweeter. It comes "flavored" in many varieties, i.e., fig, rasberries, etc. Then what I would do is use it as a pork chop "glaze" or maybe a chicken glaze to finish off grilling either, but most especially the pork.

I have been very familiar with balsamic vinegars for sometime now and you may be as well, but it was when I happened to have placed an order with a website: that I found out about Vincotto. Unfortunately, they were out of the stuff and I happened to have found another source and ordered the plain and the fig flavored. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It is great stuff. If you like balsamic you will find that the Vincotto is similar to what the Italians call Balsamic Tradionale that goes for "MEGA BUCKS". However, the Vincotto does not and I think it is just as good.

Unfortunately, most of the balsamic vinegars that we get over here in the states is the really "cheap" stuff, and I am not trying to be ugly, just truthful. The really good balsamics are used not only on salads, but fruits and melons as well as, believe it or not, vanilla ice cream.

I have actually been able to get some of the better balsamics as well as the Vincotto and had it on vanilla ice cream and it is spectacular. TRY IT, as well as my recommendation as a glaze. I think you will be amazed and totally delighted.


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