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What would you expect to pay for an outdoor kitchen?

I am doing some research and would really appreciate feedback on what people expect to pay for outdoor kitchens that include a smoker, a grill, sink with instant hot water, fridge, and storage for supplies.

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I've been thinking about an outdoor kitchen for the last two years..... there would be so much variability but for the items you mention alone I think I would want them to come in at around 5 to 7k. After that there is the cost of a wall or two.... some custom brick work.... some artsy stone.... appropriate furniture.... it would be easy to drop 20K. In reality the boathouse comes first!

Its every penny of your highest choice and probably more. I just got done remodeling my house, part of the remodel was an outdoor kitchen, and I can tell you that labor rates are where most of the money goes. Sure appliances and materials will cost alot also, but labor was our biggest expense, over half what we spent. If you plan on doing the work yourself then you can probably do it for less than 15k but thats the only way.

Hi Donna, Outdoor kitchens end up being a bunch of money. I own a construction company, get all my materials at wholesale, got my 'guys' to do the work for me at their base rate...and it still was a lotta dough!

Some of the "X" factors are: getting gas to the kitchen (getting more than a 1/2 inch pipe run and making sure your meter has enough flow), electric (with breakers and underground wiring, and no overloads on circuits...because usually the outdoor kitchen will be added on the 'end' of your house and electrical runs, or else you have to run a whole 'nother circuit), water (and I didn't even tie in to sink drains to a five gal. bucket that I dump), concrete work for the 'pad' and of course running all the utitilites under concrete to get them to the kitchen.

I built mine out of metal 2x4's, cement board, and then stuccoed the outside, and put travertine tiles on top. It is in the most technical of senses "moveable" though way to heavy to move (i.e. not bolted to the ground).

It has a grill, double side burners, a small sink, storage and a small fridge. "L" shaped with plenty of elect. outlets, and 'stand around' room.

Grill was $3,000, 5-7 hundred for the sink, fridge, and door panels, 5-6 hundred for the materials and a couple thousand for labor. Kicked the heck out of $10,000 by the time I was 'wholesale.' (also put in a fireplace at the same time, but that was a whole 'nuther 10 grand)

So, long winded, but pretty easy to spend $15,000 on an outdoor kitchen. Materials play a bit part of the cost, too...stone veneer, lighting, waterfalls..etc. Cool
If you think about it an outdoor kitchen is much more complex than a garage. You have natural gas connections, major electrical which may require a whole new panel if yours is too small or not to code, excavating for foundation, decking, roof, ventilation system, plumbing, fixtures, appliances, cabinets (which are very very expensive), custom stone work, etc etc etc . . . It can add up fast but I will tell you it is money well spent. I love my new backyard and outdoor kitchen. I go out and flip on the gas fireplace, turn on the waterfall, have some music on the house audio system or the game on the big screen tv over the fireplace, fire up the grill or smoker, pop a beer and SMILE Big Grin And of course when I'm done its nice to relax in the spa for a few minutes before bed. If I had to choose between that or a garage, thankfully I dont, I would park my truck in the driveway.

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